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Thank you to all our faithful friends who are in the position to continue supporting Basic Gospel. The world is in an uncertain and fearful time. As believers, we can trust Jesus to calm our hearts and minds, knowing that we are in Him eternally. We can trust that God knows when this crisis will end and that He cares for us. In the meantime, we can share God’s unconditional love and grace with those around us. * It seems to me that Jacob was just as bad as Esau. What do you think? * Is it heresy to believe the Trinity was revealed in Genesis? * When did the disciples get baptized?
* ​Would you please explain John 16:10? How does the Holy Spirit convict the world concerning righteousness, and what does Jesus’ ascension have to do with it?

About Basic Gospel

Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Bob grew up in a Christian home and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 13. During his high school and college years, Bob struggled with the question of how to live the Christian life. His "roller-coaster" experience taught him that he didn't have what it took to be "God's guy." More info:
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