How to Overcome Depression

John Lynch and Bob Christopher discuss the problem of depression and offer hope through the good news of Jesus Christ. Almost 7% of the population is depressed and suicide is the leading cause of death for teens. To help address the serious situation of emotional disorders, we are speaking with John Lynch, author of The Cure and On My Worst Day. John gets beneath the surface to see that as long as hope is alive, we can move forward but when hope dies, depression comes. The faith community often offers cheap, easy answers that really don’t help at all. Depression is not a personal flaw, not a matter of spiritual immaturity, not a punishment from God, never because you are not enough. Those truths are an incredible hope for people who feel this crisis of faith in their depression. Knowing that you are adored by God, that he is not frustrated with you, that even with this condition God can and will use your life in amazing ways. We receive a compassion and clarity even in the midst of incredible darkness when we grasp the love of God for us. The God of all grace will perfect and confirm and strengthen and establish you.

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