By Flesh or By Faith

“Faith without works is dead.” That’s what James wrote. Many think he and Paul were at odds, but I don’t see it that way. What is the source of the work? Is it done in the flesh to obtain righteousness or done in the spirit – engaging in what He has prepared for us? Where there’s heartfelt trust in the grace of God we are going to see the fruit of that trust.
* How important is it to understand the history, setting and culture of the times when Jesus taught? Can we really “get it” without that? * William asks about Paul’s meeting with Peter concerning the Gospel.
* What is your take on “grace” teachers gravitating toward false doctrine – Trinitarian and Universalism?
* When we die are we resting in our bodies until the Lord takes us or does our spirit go immediately to heaven or hell?
* Stephen asks a tough question: “Is it wrong for me to pray for God to take me home to be with Him?”

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