Shadow and Reality – Law and Grace – Lesson 16

Who are you? The answer to this question can be life-changing! Are you a parent, a student, a doctor? Are you an alcoholic, a drug abuser, a sex addict? There is nothing more sinister about the world’s system than what it says regarding your identity. In every advertisement, every television show, every movie, every song, every political appeal there is at least one lie concerning identity, at least one appeal to a need that should be fulfilled if you’re “normal”. This week we explain your true identity as a child of God. Are you going to let the world dictate your behavior, or will you hold on to the truth explained in God’s word? God has given you a new identity, you have a new name, and therefore you can be free from the world’s labels. This chapter is an important, foundational truth – listen more than once until you know, for sure, who you are!

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