Born to Be King of the Jews

Many people think that Judaism is completely different from Christianity. The book of Matthew dispels that myth. Matthew starts with a genealogy. He starts with Abraham all the way through Jesus. He is of the bloodline of David. He came into the world as king. Herod didn’t want anyone to take his place and the announcement by the Magi caused jealously in his heart. Satan worked through Herod to kill all the male babies 2 yrs. old and younger. But God told Joseph to escape to Egypt. This babe born to be the king of the Jews was a problem to the world and the world stood against him.
* What is the kind of obedience the Bible is talking about? Is it like obeying a person who says, “do this or else”? * Antoine calls to encourage a listener to have strength in the Lord. * What happens to people after they die?

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