Is Salvation Forever?

Since Jesus Christ is alive, when we come to Him by faith, He comes to live in us. In marriage between believers Christ is in each one of you and provides unity in your marriage through Him. Today I want to challenge each of you who are married to thank God for your spouse. As you start saying “thank you” for the person God brought into your life… you will have a marriage that is strengthened in the Lord. Your marriage is a reflection of the relationship Jesus has with the church.
* I’m confused about salvation. Some pastors say you can lose your salvation others say you can’t. Can you show me the Scriptures that explain salvation?
* Is there an age of accountability? If my child accepts Christ as a young child, will he/she miss out on a life-changing conversion experience?
* Alicia struggles with anxiety over the Lord returning soon and wonders if they will be with her in Heaven. * Brad shares his heart concerning marriage.

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