Draw Near to God

You read in Hebrews some startling words about the Old Covenant. You read in 8:13 that the old has been made obsolete. And in 7:18-19 that that former regulation has been set aside because it’s week and useless. There’s a radical shift away from us trying to make promises to God. But we were no good at it. The New Covenant is not about promises to God, but an oath God made with Himself. Two unchangeable things, God and God, and we become beneficiaries of the promise. Make the decision to become a New Covenant believer today. * Does Matthew 23:23 tell us we should have tithed?
* What does it mean to “not cast your pearls before swine” and “shake the dust from your feet”?
* The New Covenant Journey starts Friday, October 2. Join us each week for this on-air Bible Study.

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