What is the Cross?

So many believers struggle to live the Christian life. It was the same for me. When we look at the Old Testament we see that God provided escape for His people from the Egyptians and then gave them the Law of Moses. It was ratified or put into effect by blood. Hundreds of years later we see Jesus who ushered in the New Covenant and when did that go into effect? In Hebrews 9 we see that it went into effect when Jesus died. This New Covenant is God’s will for us. What is the cross? It is the place of change. * I believe in justification by faith. But how do we answer Paul’s assertion that if we don’t run the race we can become disqualified? 1 Corinthians 9:27 * I see God’s will as a living will. What do you think? * Gary understands that even the OT saints were saved by faith and asks “Is that true?” * Sab asks about the punishment from God in Jonah 3:10 and how God can punish if He is love?

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