Interview with Dave Bish

Dave Bish, pastor of Tri-County Church in DuBois, PA, joins us on this broadcast. Dave’s a dynamic and passionate leader who has encouraged his community to “do church differently”. Grace is the center point of his ministry and the person of Jesus Christ is the role model for how they conduct themselves. Dave says “Jesus didn’t just TEACH the Word of God. He was, and is, the Word of God. His very life is the expression of what grace looks like in flesh and blood.” Tri-County Church operates under this principle: Church is the people of God expressing the character of God. Jesus didn’t say “Go to Church”; He said “Be my witnesses, come to me, follow Me, love your neighbor, make disciples, deny yourself and follow me”. One program they have at Tri-County is “Church Without Walls”. One weekend per year, instead of a church “service” they become a church “serving” their community. This successful event helps the church body get a taste of what it truly means to “be” the church. Dave is a
lso the author of “I Don’t Go to Church – I Am the Church”, available HERE

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