It Is Finished!

Day 5 of the Forgiveness Challenge. What does “It Is Finished” actually mean? Jesus either took care of it once and for all or He took care of none of it. Took care of what? Have your questions on forgiveness answered by listening to today’s broadcast * Should the church go into the world and not have the world go into the church? Challenge people with Jesus * What is the best scripture on marriage, 1 Corinthians 13? * Can we lose our salvation? * Don’t be afraid to minister to others about Christ.

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One Response to It Is Finished!

  1. bkolisha says:

    It is finished. Jesus had done all He could do to enable the perfection of His bride.The bride, with His anointing could now do greater things. Love never fails. In His Love, “marriage” would come into its proper perspective. The spiritual man must love his spiritual woman as Christ loved the church and laid down his life for her. The woman would then adapt herself to that love and trust in the one who is her source of life. That assumes the spiritual man receives his source of life from Jesus, who in turn receives from His Father. Please visit my blog post on the Mystery of Divine Intimacy: God’s Love Story of the Ish and Isha. Would like your comments.

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